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about me/cv

Tanya was born in Sydney in 1969. Her grandmother, a fabulous landscape painter, and her father, also painting for pleasure, followed in those footsteps. When she was a young teenager she was taken to life drawing and watercolour classes at the local art centre weekly and thus began her love of painting.

Tanya completed Visual Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney. She then spent the next 25 years as a graphic designer working and freelancing in magazine houses, corporate agencies and doing volunteer design work for a variety of environmental organisations. In between freelance jobs she spent her wistful 20's at forest blockades standing up for this precious earth. Becoming a mother and the internet fortunately coincided so she was able to continue her design environmental activism while staying at home.

On the first day of school for her youngest child she swept them in the gate and proceeded to attend art classes which reignited her passion for creating art. Now many years later she's a nearly full time artist, part time designer, part time environmental activist and doing her best to fit in a growing family as well.

She presently paints in the kid's cubby house in the backyard but is soon to up size when someone will actually build her something bigger!

Tanya is also an avid verge scrounger and loves to repurpose. So all of her canvases are found, cleaned and primed ready to accept paint also given to her by retiring artist. Her frames are old cedar Venetian blinds found by friends which she painstakingly applies to the canvases.

By purchasing one of Tanya's painting or prints know that you are supporting a small backyard art business and treading as lightly on this earth as you can. 


2021     Xmas Group Show,             

             Sydney Road Gallery, Balgowlah

2021    Michael Reid Northern Beaches

            'Chasing The Sun' Group Exhibition

2021     Solo Exhibition,
             Hamptons House, Fairlight

2020    One Mile Collective Gallery Pop Up,
             Port Stephens

2020    Fisher's Ghost Art Prize finalist

2020    Royal Art Society of NSW, North Sydney
             Winner 2020 Overall Aquisive Prize

2020    Blackstone Gallery
             'Blue' Exhibition finalist

2020    The Corner Store Gallery, Orange
             Group 'Home' Exhibition finalist
             Group 'Abstract' Exhibition finalist

2019    Opening Block J, Mascot. 'Home' Exhibition

2019    Finalist Waverley Woollahra 9x5" Art Prize, Bondi

2019    Finalist Greenway Art Prize, Leichhardt

2019    Eramboo Artist Environment, Terry Hills
             Headlining a group Exhibition,
             'Into the Pathless Woods'

2019    Eramboo Artist Environment, Terry Hills
            Group Exhibition, '2nd Life'

2018    Royal Art Society of NSW, North Sydney
             Winner 2018 Landscape Prize

2017    Royal Art Society of NSW, North Sydney
             Winner 2017 Drawing Prize

2016    Royal Art Society of NSW, North Sydney
             Winner 2016 Landscape Prize

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